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A Subtle Blend of Classic & Contemporary styles
and Accessories inspired by the African Continent

About Us

Cowrie Design launched in 2009 following its founder’s first trip to Nigeria, a country well known for its elaborate celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and naming ceremonies. During the visit, and with the help of an assistant seamstress I had designed a number of garments/dresses, on return to the sunny UK, I received lots of recognition from family and friends on the quality of the sewing especially the finishing Cowrie Design is a subtle blend of classic and contemporary fashion and accessories inspired by the African continent, aimed at todays professional, afropolitan and conscientious women.

Being that this was my first trip, I was bewildered by the conditions in which the seamstress was able to produce such quality items. As friends and family began to place orders thoughts began to circulate, the creation of a business venture immersed.

More than the being just a business venture my thoughts turned to how to create sustainable incomes of Kehinde and other small enterprises places where low Human Development Index (HDI) was prevalent.

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Our Trend

Cowrie designs are a subtle, non traditional style and mixture of African contemporary fashion to be worn both casually, chic, sophisticatedly and formally, inspired by Africa’s love of bright colours. The creator’s idea was to show that colour was not just for the parties but also for today’s professionals and cosmopolitan women.

We were impressed with the quality of the tailoring, also with the seamstress’s ability to improvise her use of freehand design, especially under the conditions such as inconsistent power supply and limited workspace.